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"This is how I view a heterosexual relationship. The man is sexually active on top while the woman lies beneath him bent, frustrated and unsatisfied. At least that's how it was for me . . . What is fascinating in my eyes is the sentimental state of each partner, the alienation and distance that subsists. The woman is distant, desperate and frustrated by the lack of communication between her and her partner. The man is incapable of providing her with the attention and love that she so needs, and therefore feels that he is unable to reach her and so feels a sense of failure. His sexual desires are unmet. It is as if the two are speaking two entirely different languages, two creatures completely incapable of coming together. This is exactly how I felt after relationships with two women that lasted five and seven years, respectively. There was a great friendship and everything, but I was undoubtedly denying my sexual passion for men. The technique of this painting included the use of light and shade which symbolizes bad and good, black and white with no variety of colors. The use of colors portrays the relationship between a man and a woman. It is also apparent that the story behind the painting takes place in bed, like most of the paintings, with the man shown unsatisfied and the woman frustrated."




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