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"My first homosexual relationship. He was adorable and I was in love with him. It was . . . it was not at all realistic and totally dreamy. It's no wonder that the figures drawn here overwhelmed me. We lived as a married couple with the same exact routines, dividing our day to day activities between washing dishes and everything. We were in love from the earth to the sky, which explains why my paintings were covered with hearts and flowers. Only at the age of 34 was I finally ready to open myself to true love. The excitement was so great from the day-to-day activities that we shared and the simple feeling of togetherness that I drew every possible scene with my expression of love for Eitan. Here too, the red color symbolizes dominance, the floor is covered with hearts, the drapes with flowers and the two trees in the window bend towards each other, each bearing applies with leaves in the shape of hearts. We are washing dishes together and raising our heads in joy. Here again there is a contrast between dark and light and asymmetric color crossings.




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